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Reducing the need for resources and energy lowers costs. Defining the company’s carbon footprint helps us identify unnecessary consumption, and losses, or inefficiencies in energy and raw material consumption due to inefficient operations. As energy costs increase, the scarcity of water and other natural resources comes to the fore, this information is vital for businesses to make informed decisions to combat negative climate impacts.

Improve your business sustainability and the ecological footprint of your products!

The process of carbon neutralization

The carbon footprint calculation is a process lasting about 10 days, during which the framework is determined, the processes are identified, and the data is collected in continuous consultation with the customer. The calculation makes it possible to determine the intervention points that we can work out in detail in the reduction plan, by identifying short-, medium- and long-term plans and investments. Becoming carbon neutral can be a longer process followed by so-called soft tools such as awareness raising, employee training or consumer education. Carbon offset provides an opportunity to compensate for unavoidable emissions.

Carbon neutral company

We help to neutralize companies’ carbon footprint with innovative and tailor-made solutions. We are ready to work with our clients to develop carbon offset projects with them, for them. We recognise the importance of an offset project matching the company’s profile and scope. Carbon neutral projects have a positive impact on the environment, contribute to climate change adaptation or mitigation, help accelerate the transition to clean energy or contribute to a more sustainable and equal society. You can invest in offset projects validated by third parties and verified according to international standards in many parts of the world and in Hungary. If requested, we organize offset programs tailored to corporate needs. Transparent, responsible and carbon-neutral operations are also of significant value to customers, partners and employees.

What are the benefits of measuring and neutralizing carbon emissions?


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